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Joshua Spirituality

One Year Online Certificate Program

“You can’t meet Jesus and not change. If you haven’t changed, you haven’t met the real Jesus.” — Mark Driscoll


(1 course per semester, in sequence)

Course 1:

GETTING TO KNOW JESUS: A New Understanding of God’s Son

INSTRUCTOR: Deacon Gary Riggi, Co-Director

Description: This first course in Joshua Spirituality introduces the student to Fr. Joseph Girzone’s gospel stories combined with experiences from his own life and from people around the world. In this course, students will meet an approachable, loving Jesus who is their partner throughout their lives, and they will begin their journey toward spiritual intimacy with Him.

Joseph Girzone focuses on the heart of the matter, the truth of the Gospel, and the revelations of the heart. - Catholic Times

Course 2:


INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Benjamin, Co-Director

Description: The second course in Joshua Spirituality introduces students to the progress of human consciousness and leadership from the beginning of recorded time to today and invites them to become vigorously engaged, at this critical point in their spiritual evolution, in developing the consciousness of the anointed one, the Eternal Absolute. Bringing together the traditional wisdom of the world’s major cultures, as well as perspectives from a wide range of disciplines, from psychology to quantum physics, this course guides the students through five steps in the process of becoming Christ conscious leaders and provides opportunities for introspection, self-assessment, and personal growth.

Old things are returning as very new things, and what feels like traditional teaching is now becoming conscious, revolutionary, and exciting. Barbara Benjamin brings so much together here in a time when we need so much. - Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

With her encyclopedic mind, Barbara Benjamin has comprehensively and in great detail laid out the playing field for Leaders who have high ideals of bringing together intelligent and ecumenically-minded people to make a significant contribution to changing what needs to be changed in our world today. – Fr. Joseph F. Girzone

course 3:


INSTRUCTORS: Deacon Gary Riggi and Barbara Benjamin, Co-Directors

Description: In this culminating course in Joshua Spirituality, students are guided through the process of building an intimate relationship with God. The course will engage students on a personal path to God, as presented in Fr. Joseph Girzone’s Never Alone and St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle.

Girzone uses Jesus' relationships with both God and others to define just what intimacy with God actually looks like. Pointing out that every spiritual journey is unique and that no one can manipulate the Holy Spirit, Girzone cautions his reader against trying to force anyone's journey to conform to preconceptions. He instead encourages the reader to embrace God and trust Him to lead according to His plan. Girzone speaks of many other subjects too - of forgiveness and of suffering, of the dangers of self-centered spirituality and, of course, of transformation to Christ's spirituality. – Publishers Weekly, Religion Book Review

Barbara Benjamin offers a private tour through Teresa’s Interior Castle. The tour will open doors to a world you never imagined. – Fr. Joseph F. Girzone



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